The home design process can be approached in many ways. A Newling Homes Custom Design:

Newling Homes can personally design a cost efficient design that suites both your needs & budget, but still allowing you to have a home that is visually appealing and stylish.

This approach is perfect for the smaller homes we build, requiring a more project-home style design and simpler structural requirements.

We Work with Local Draftsmen across the Region:

Newling Homes has access to draftsmen in Geelong that will attend meetings and discuss personally your new home & needs.

This process allows the draftsman, the builder & the client to bounce ideas off each other and reach a design that fits all aspects of the client’s requirements but still allowing the building budget to be controlled.

This approach works well for homes that require that little bit more attention to detail, and many of our slopping block designs.

We Build Homes Designed by Other Draftsmen and Architects:

Newling Homes also build many homes that have been designed by other draftsman and architects.

If you have your plans already completed, please email through a copy and allow us to provide a quotation to construct your new home.

If You Love Where You Live, but Just Need More Space:

An alternative to a new home build, is working with us at Newling Homes to renovate and extend your current home.

In doing this, we can transform your current home to suit the lifestyle that you dream about, with all the custom design inclusions of a new home.

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